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eCMetrics is a global digital market research company integrating traditional consulting and analytics from Big Data and Artificial Intelligence with online, mobile, online communities (Insight Communities) and social networking solutions to better understand consumers in Latin America and the Hispanic market of the United States.


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6 de November de 2018

The Chatbots will change the way to do direct marketing

Chatbots are also known as chat or conversational bots. They are artificial intelligence systems of a software able to maintain a conversation with a human being. […]
24 de October de 2018

The Big Data and The Market Research

By: Jéssica Cruz Reviewed By: Ivan Casas  It’s nothing new that Big Data is the 21st century gold, and that the age of information produces unbridled […]
10 de January de 2018

Inside community: What is it and what are its advantages?

-Inside community: What is it and what are its advantages? This article was written by: Jessica Cruz Review and adaptation by: Ivan Casas   Is nothing […]

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Latin Americans do not buy blindly

eCMetrics in partnership with eCGlobal conducted a study to understand Latin American internet consumer behavior before, during and after Christmas.

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