23 de January de 2014

The Media Insights and Engagement Conference!

eCGlobal Solutions to be one of the primary sponsors between January 29th and 31st. Congratulations!  
22 de January de 2014

Why is Market Research important to your business?

Market research is an essential part of any business that wants to offer products or services that are focussed and well targeted. Business decisions that are […]
15 de January de 2014

The Reality of Social Media Marketing…

Marketing is at its best when it’s perfectly aligned with the needs of its audience. In the years right up to the end of the last […]
13 de January de 2014

What Do Your Customers Think?

Ever wonder what customers are saying about you? Want glowing Yelp or Google reviews? Wish you could get that Facebook fan number up? In a competitive […]
10 de January de 2014

Today’s reflection!

Consumer insights: a gateway to a long-lasting brand loyalty…
10 de January de 2014

Why setting FaceBook likes as a KPI can be a bad idea…

We are all familiar with the phrase that correlation is not the same as causality, but we also know that in many cases correlation is a […]
31 de December de 2013

1990s Retrospective on The Connected Consumer and Social Business

Now that we are close to New Year celebration and reflex on the 2013 retrospective, I just stumbled across an interesting article where the author remembers […]
30 de December de 2013

Social Networking Stats: LinkedIn Tops 259 Million Members, #RLTM Scoreboard

According to a recent report by LinkedIn, the professional network has been increasing its customer base 38% year-over-year and has more than 65% of its members outside […]