4 de December de 2014

Qualitative term definition changing?

A new era in market research continues to gain momentum and with it the definition for the term “qualitative” might change, especially if we keep in mind […]
22 de September de 2014

More than half of Brazilian Internet user would love to have an Apple Watch

A quick market research performed by eCMetrics reveals Brazilians first impressions around the release of Apple Watch (Apple’s new product) and its consumer intentions. Considered a global […]
11 de August de 2014

5 Steps for Measuring Your Social Media Presence [Infographic]

Understanding how to effectively measure social media is challenging; oftentimes marketers aren’t sure how to identify and use specific metrics. Every business needs a strategy tailored […]
8 de August de 2014

Want to Succeed with Facebook Videos? Keep Them Short

We’ve seen a massive increase in Facebook Videos in the News Feed. Since Facebook has recently unveiled new metrics to help marketers understand how their videos […]
29 de July de 2014

Facebook Stomps the Competition as a Driver of Referral Traffic

Despite the panic over Facebook’s supposed impending demise and the decline in organic reach, the social network still drives the most traffic of all the top […]
24 de July de 2014

Facebook is still leader of social logins

Facebook kept being the leader of social logins in the second quarter of 2014, accounting for 55 percent of overall social logins and 64 percent of social […]
22 de July de 2014

Direct messaging on Twitter just got a little more private

Twitter is reworking its direct messaging platform so that users will be able to delete messages more consistently across web and mobile, the company said Friday. Direct messages […]
18 de July de 2014

Social Media World: what you should read today

Do you want to know what important news are happening in the social media world, but has no time to sort it out in all the […]