25 de August de 2021

3 market research trends of 2021

Today’s market research is a changing industry that needs constant monitoring to keep up with the times. In this post we mention three trends that we […]
28 de May de 2020

Mining social media for product and brand interactions

Mining social media for product and brand interactions  You can find the original article here Adding image analysis to your explorations of social media data can […]
18 de March de 2020

Unlocking next level: Predicting the trends of 2020

Unlocking next level: Predicting the trends of 2020  You can find the original article here In 2020, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will step up a notch, […]
11 de January de 2019

Hybrid methodology promotes better results

Hybrid methodology promotes better results  Translated from: Traditionally, market research used to use quantitative and qualitative research separately. But with the advance of technology in research […]
24 de October de 2018

The Big Data and The Market Research

By: Jéssica Cruz Reviewed By: Ivan Casas  It’s nothing new that Big Data is the 21st century gold, and that the age of information produces unbridled […]
5 de September de 2017
fun activities in the community

Fun Market Research Will Transform Your Online Community

Online Communities offer a simple, cost effective way of communicating with a target audience for the purpose of market research projects. Participant will build relationships with […]
28 de August de 2017
improved customer experiencia by Big Data

Big data will boost your customer experience strategy

Companies understand the need on having a customer experience strategy. That involves the whole process: the purchase decision, delivery and emotional satisfaction. With this, the companies […]
15 de August de 2017
face reading for consumer insights

Face reading innovation to obtain consumers insights

Billions of dollars are invested in advertising campaigns every year in order to stimulate the consumer to purchase. But the effectiveness of various market research methods, […]