8 de January de 2015

What to consider for a video campaign on Facebook

As the internet connects us from all over the world, it’s much easier to communicate visually than in words, and technology has developed in a way […]
29 de December de 2014

What to consider in your Email Marketing for 2015

Shoppers prefer email communications from brands over any other type of message. Actually, whether social or mobile, already running or ready to rise up companies, all […]
23 de December de 2014

How Hispanic consumers shop online

Hispanics are a valuable audience for retailers to attract and retain because the Hispanic market has a tremendous buying power. According to a survey from Androit […]
19 de December de 2014

How audiences actually watch TV on a mobile era and what it means for marketing (part 2)

Trying to reach these multitasking viewers who keep one eye on the show and the other on social media, advertisers are making up the rules as […]
17 de December de 2014

How to adapt emails to Mobile Marketing

Email Is the Top Activity On Smartphones. It is so much so that a recent study suggests that more than half of all emails sent are […]
12 de December de 2014

How to engage The Hispanic Consumer

Hispanics are more likely to search the internet with a smartphone compared with the general market. They adopt online trends more quickly which lead them to […]
11 de December de 2014

Marketing strategy for US Hispanic on Facebook

Hispanics represent an increasing percentage of the American consumer base. They represent an ideal audience for mobile engagement and mobile advertising. An understanding of how they […]
9 de December de 2014

When customers talk, companies listen

What do customers really want? Not all companies are in the habit of listening when customers talk. But the reality is that consumers are interested in […]