Update your market research to the new trends

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3 de January de 2022
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Update your market research to the new trends

In this post we mention 3 trends on market research to 2022. 

The market research is a tool that allow us to know better and deeper our customers. A company can find valuable information that helps to become the product as a valuable one to the customers. People are in continuous evolution, market research focus on them, that’s why it requires continues update.

  1. Neuromarketing

The neuroscience applied to marketing has been favorable, this kind of research allows to know by first hand, with a very low error range, the decision process of customers at the purchase moment. It base the information on the emotions of the costumer at that moment. 

Neuromarketing gets the preferences of customers, some of those they do not even know about. Achieving success in a non-invasive way, promoting that the consumer has freedom and he is who makes the final decision. 

2. Digital Transformation and Big Data

As we could see on the few years, database represents the key to a successful relationship between the company and the customer. Companies keeps going with the digital transformation, which has become essential to survive on the market. 

On 2021, Big Data achieve consolidation on market research, to 2022, is expected to use it as  a growth tool, it will allow companies to optimize their decisions. To this year, it will be very interesting to see the new tools it will boost. 

  • 3. Immediacy

The generation that look for immediacy is becoming the new customer, so companies need to talk their language. 

Some tools that will help are: flexibility, this new customers are always changing, so is important to keep up, Big Data will help with this and the automatization will allow companies to meet customer needs. Smart surveys, it is about looking for data about the experience, information that the consumer is interested in sharing with the company, and, in turn, help with the continuous improvement.