3 steps to forming partnerships with influencers on Tumblr

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14 de August de 2014
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Creating partnerships with influencers on social media can be a truly beneficial route to reach your audience wherever they are most active in an organic way.

Tumblr is a thriving social network that’s often underutilized by businesses, which represents an opportunity to get ahead of the competition by building a following of the platform’s most active contributors to help your company achieve its goals.

According to Search Engine People, the average visit to Tumblr is 14 minutes, longer than Twitter or Facebook. Tumblr users tend to be more engaged when on the social network and less likely to get distracted by other content, which is probably due to the various type of content present on the platform from GIFs to long-form blog posts.

It’s important that your business creates content on Tumblr, encourages users to create content about their business and partners with influencers to create another type of content. This balance of who’s creating content about your business is the measure of a healthy content marketing strategy.

Working with an influencer on Tumblr can help your business drive engagement with your content, gain visibility for your organization, build credibility due to the association with the influencer, and increase traffic to your web properties.

Here’s what it takes to find the right influencer, establish the partnership, and cultivate it to last for the long-term.

Identify a match for your business

Any partnership with a influencer will falter if they aren’t a proper match for your business and its customer base. A perfectly matched influencer is one that shares a common interest in similar subjects to your business or even already has a connection with or a passion for your organization.

To find an influencer on Tumblr, search for topics related to your business and find Tumblr accounts that consistently share content related to those subjects. The next step is to analyze their content to see if its well-shared or not to ascertain if they have an impact on the social network.

This can be measured by seeing how often their posts are reblogged or if they are receiving comments on their content consistently, among other indicators. However, there isn’t an exact number to work off of when it comes to how often something is shared on Tumblr.

This is mainly important to get a general idea of the popularity of a particular Tumblr content, since you’ll likely get deeper insights into an influencers Tumblr traffic once you’re communicating with them about a partnership.

After establishing that they are in fact an influential Tumblr, it’s important to review the content they share more closely to see if it is aligned with your industry, your organizations goals and the preferences of your audience.

For example, FASHGIF is a Tumblr influencer that consistently dissects images from fashion runway shows and photo shoots to create captivating GIFs of women wearing the original looks with an added twist. Her content is well-received on Tumblr, often seen by a large audience every time she’s publishes a post.

She’s collaborated with Nine West, Gap, Calvin Klein, Tiffany & Co. and many others apparel brands that cater to women. These brands are smart to partner with FASHGIF on her Tumblr blog since she’s influential in the fashion niche, which is a relevant audience that these apparel brands are trying to reach.

Browse your industry on Tumblr and see what content is getting traction on the network and who’s typically behind this messaging. To find more influencers, visit the Tumblr dashboard and visit the account section of the dashboard on the right hand-side to access the “find blogs” feature.

This will take you to a directory of recommended Tumblr blogs under the spotlight tab that have been selected by Tumblr due to their popularity, quality content, and focus on a particular niche. This directory is broken up into different categories like architecture, business, comics, non-profits, music, food, photographers, sports,  and more, which can help make identifying a relevant Tumblr blog for your business much easier.

For example, if you browse on the food category on the directory it’ll highlight some of the following Tumblr blogs as seen below.

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