5 social media articles you should read NOW

Be there first: the importance of brands being social media early adopters
2 de May de 2014
5 social media news you should read today
7 de May de 2014
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Here is a list of some important articles on social media that every marketer should read, as they are full of powerful insights.

7 reasons why pages should stop complaining about Facebook reach

As organic reach of Facebook Pages has been decreasing a lot, many social media marketers are complaining that the company is ruining their strategy. But should they?

CEO of AgoraPulse, Emeric Ernoult, gives some reasons not to be so worried.

Boost Organic Reach On Facebook By Rewarding Millennials For Posts

Another article dealing with Facebook organic reach gives some ideas on new strategies to engage millennials on the network. Worth reading!

Quantcast: Facebook leads all social media sites in mobile content discovery

This fact is not so much of a surprise, but it is worth pointing it out. Mobile is not the future of social media marketing. It is the present and Facebook is adapting quite well to this trend.

Can Facebook, Instagram posts predict buying behavior?

That’s what every marketer wants to know!

How to use social media for marketing research

Social Media is a powerful marketing research tool. But not everyone really knows how to use it to this purpose (we at eCMetrics do…). Social Media Bakers gives some tips on this issue.