52% of the Bank Transactions done in Brazil were by internet or smartphone

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14 de April de 2015
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The information is from a research made by FEBRABRAN about 2014 Bank Technology and it shows the evolution of the bank industry in Brazil, the main trends for the field and the technology investments. According to the studies, recently 47% of the active accounts in Brazil (51 million) perform transactions using internet banking and 24% (25 million) use smartphones.

Regarding mobile banking, there has been a growth in the volume of financial handling in 2014 when compared to the year before. Transfers and payment of bills increased 180%, which represents a total of 260 million transactions. Another highlight was given to the credit acquisition which grew 190% and reached 10 million transactions.mobile-banking1

Concerning internet banking, the research showed a 8% growth in the number of transfers and 11% in the payment of bills. Together, those services add up to over 1,5 billion transactions. Credit acquisition through internet banking also grew 20% (40 million).

Even with the high percentages of growth there is still a lot of potential to be explored since internet and mobile represent 20% of the volume of operation with financial handling.

The bank branches are still very important in this scenario. They have a new role and become more advisory. Many clients look for their managers to learn about new opportunities of investments and services that can be acquired. This trend is reinforced by the growing number of bank branches all over Brazil.

Even in a moment of economic slowdown the Brazilian banks continue to invest large sums of resources in technology to meet the high expectations of their clients. This new client is more interactive, eager for new technologies and better security for their online financial transactions.

The research showed that in 2014 the spending and investments in technologies by the banks were of R$21.5 billions. The investments continue to grow about the inflation rate (11%). The expenditure with IT by the banks represent 18% among the industries in Brazil last year and are the same as in the U.S and France.internet-banking_caixa

The development of software represent, in 2014 comparing with 2013, the biggest growth in volume of investments (16%), followed by hardware (6%), telecom (2%) and others (1%). That movement reinforces the banks concern with providing better service and experience for the clients to offer more efficiency and convenience in their service channels.