Artificial intelligence in focused marketing

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11 de January de 2019
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11 de January de 2019
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Artificial intelligence in focused marketing 

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People are already talking to Siri and Alexa about things they want to buy, as well as if they have questions in the decision-making process. Actually, the machines are having the power. Knowing how to talk with machines, and how they talk to people, is one of the most important challenges in modern marketing. Companies should take advantage of AI and machine learning to make purchases an organic part of how we live our daily lives. 

Adweek shares the following four useful guidelines for marketers who take steps to include artificial intelligence in their targeting efforts. 


Reworkyour message for the robot and the client 

Understanding the language and data to which the AI responds is key. Your message must match what the machine wants to achieve and what people want. 


Increase brand sophistication by analyzing consumer information.

Robots know our moods, interests and needs and give us information according to that. Improving research methods that extract information to the consumer in this way is an important step in the delivery of products, services and content to the robots that will then pass it on to the people.  


3.Use ecosystems where consumers are 

Consumers already use the ecosystems of Facebook, Amazon and Google, take advantage of them. Learn how those ecosystems socialize your brand. 


4. Robots help you

Talk to the robots and let them access your brand. They in turn pass the information to consumers. 

Be sure to take into account the beneficial purpose of the robots to implement and address them effectively.