Be there first: the importance of brands being social media early adopters

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30 de April de 2014
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5 de May de 2014
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bii_brandz1-1Strategy and creativity may not be define the success of brands on social media as much as being among the early adopters of a new network. That’s what a new report from BI Intelligence calls the “early adopter effect”.

This has important implications now that new social networks appear seemingly every day. Marketers may be inclined to wait until they have a really good idea of how they’re going to use a given social site. But this may put them at a major disadvantage. Our research finds that social success goes to those who come first.

So if your company take social media seriously, it should be a pioneer on every new social network that seems promising. After a while you can ditch the ones that do not lead to consistent business results. But in the ones that really “catch”, your efforts will be maximize just for being there first.

Now let’s see some of the study’s main findings: