Big Data Analytic Tools For Market Research

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23 de August de 2016
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Market research techniques have innovated as consumer behavior has been changing. Traditional market research techniques are no longer efficient. They do not capture satisfaction and sentiments of consumers about products. Thus, we seek new ways to understand what consumers are looking for.


Big Data Revolution

Over time, new forms of communication has emerged. Among these, social media gained great popularity. Almost everyone is actively using at least one account in social media. In it, consumers shares spontaneously desires, experiences and opinions. This creates huge quantities and varieties of data, structured and unstructured. Given this reality, begins the need to analyze that Big Data in a away that the company can take advantage of the data that is being created, in real time.

Big Data analysis then becomes a requirement of life or death for businesses. Based on this perspective, a new tool was needed. A tool that uses data generated in social media to generate consumer insights. The commonly used software tools to capture, manage and process the data within an acceptable period of time is useless for this complexity of data.

The solution, eCSocialLife

ecsociallife for big data analytics

Faced with this challenge,  eCMetrics’ team developed a tool. A tool capable to collect users’ data ( with permission) in addition to processing , categorize , analyze and generate useful information so that companies can better understand their audience. It is eCSocialLife.

What eCSocialLife does, how it is used and what prospects are for the future, were discussed by Ivan Casas, eCMetris’ CEO, at the Conference on Market Research Innovation for Latin America.

To learn more about the challenges we faced on the road and details about the tool, the implementation process and more, we make available to download the presentation done at the event.


Big Data Analytic tools for Market Research


The complete demonstration of how eCSocialLife works and how to implement it in your business can be requested also here

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