Big Data and the supply chain

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6 de November de 2018
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In a world full of data, the need of specific technologies for Big Data increases. Small and medium-sized companies inevitably deal with supply chains. With huge amounts of data generated inside and outside of each organization, managing with the supply chain can be a difficult task. However, by adopting the Big Data analysis technology solutions, dealing with suppliers can be made easier. 

 Data analysis for the Director of the supply chain 

Big data analysis solution allows managing and processing large amounts of data. Understanding the insights gained and complementing them with the manager’s experienced decision making helps to improve the efficiency levels. It´ll allow you to focus on satistying customer demands and not just spend time with suppliers. 

The sensors on the machines collect information from consumers as well as record the movement of the products. As a consequence, the following is created: 

  • A massive volume of data to analyze
  • Data from a variety of sources and platforms
  • Generated at high speed
  • And when analyzed it can provide Value to the company


Which are precisely the parameters that tells us that we are dealing with Big data. The good thing about being a small company is that you can act quickly and agile once the insights are obtained which can reduce costs. We say this because the analysis of these data allows us to know the behavior of customers, detect trends or mistakes thar are happening in operations. 

The following infographic helps us to understand more about the benefits of Big Data analysis.