Brazilian carnival creates opportunity for beer market

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24 de January de 2017
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The Brazilian carnival begins! The joy and color of the parades during the Brazilian Carnival make it an unparalleled experience. It is a world class event. But while the celebration takes place, businesses continue their activity. Rather, they use the Brazilian Carnival as a source of inspiration to create new strategies to continue selling.

Opportunities during the Brazilian Carnival

Being a high demand date, Brazilian businessmen must adapt their business to this colorful period. Although the food and drink sector is profiting from this festival, there is opportunity for other sectors. The Brazilian Carnival is more than parades in Rio de Janeiro. Each city and town celebrates with its own flavor. Create investment and business strategies that optimize results. For example:

  • Partner with a travel agency to develop a cross-selling strategy.
  • Offers materials and accessories for the clothing that are used in the market
  • Create specific areas within your store for carnival products or just an “ambiance”.
The study conducted by eCGlobal, a partner company of eCMetrics, put the beer market as the one that will get the most out of it. 48% of respondents stated they will consume more beer, to the point of getting drunk. If you are one of the locals that will sell beer, do not miss to offer SKQL. It was the most mentioned brand among the respondents followed by Itaipava and Brahma.
It also represents a very short-term business opportunity for those who do not belong or have some proximity to the sector, such as the hotel or gastronomic sector.

Additional data

The Sambódromo is considered a very safe place during the days of the carnival. But in the vicinity, you have to be careful. That is why, 50% of respondents will only carry the money they will spend on that day and documents. Others will even place it in hidden places and plan to use simple cell phones to communicate.

Due to the large influx of people to this event the transportation in the city will be a challenge. One of the cheapest options to get to the Sambódrome will be public transportation and taxi. 27% of those surveyed plan to go by taxi, 24% by bus and 19% by foot.

In conclusion, the Brazilian carnival is a good business opportunity in various sectors. It just takes a bit of creativity to find the most suitable niche to take advantage of this time of year as well.