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Companies of all sectors and sizes use Facebook ads for promotion because it has different useful advertising characteristics. Facebook ads have many segmentation options to help you reach your target audience, allowing brands to work with small budgets and compensating the fall of organic reach in this social network.

If you’re thinking about advertising on Facebook, the massive amount of options and formats can make the choice difficult . If you feel overwhelm, check out the following objectives and types of campaign and decide which one fits your need .

Promote your publications

Objective: To achieve interaction with a publication , either in the form of likes , comments or shares. The ad is created by taking a publication that you made on your page.

Promote your page

Objective: To increase the number of fans. It is a formula suitable for new businesses in Facebook, or companies that already have experience but want to reach new audiences .

Bring people to your website

Objective: To generate traffic on your website. Directs users to the page you want from your site .

Increase conversions on your website

Objective: To achieve conversions on the website of Facebook users. Thanks to the pixel conversion on Facebook you’ll know how many people that was converted came from this social network and how many from other sources of traffic.

Increasing app downloads

Objective: let know an application and get downloads . Users will be directed to an application store to begin the download. Segmentation can be done with criteria such as the mobile device and operating system.

Increase the interaction of an application 

Objective: To increase interaction with an application. Here users are directed to a specific page of your application, such as a product page or a registration form.

Reach people who are close to your business 

Objective: To impact people who are closer to you. This formula is intended for local businesses, which have a physical space. This ad reach users who are closer to the business address.

Increase attendees to an event 

Objective: To get answers to events. The event will be viewed by more people and thus get more answers.

Getting people to request your offer 

Objective: To achieve requests to offers. The offers are fully customizable in terms of content, duration and audience.

Increasing video views

Objective: To promote a video. This will appear in the newsfeed integrated with other content. If you do not have a video, Facebook gives you the option to create an animated presentation using several photographs.

Generate leads for your company 

Objective: To collect data from prospective customers. In this ad format users fill out a form with your data so you can contact them.

It is essential to identify the purpose of your ad, keep in mind your target audience and choose the theme you want to introduce to create publications and advertisements that reach the customer and produce the desired results.

Have you already used Facebook advertising? How did it go? Tell us in the comments section below.

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