Customer journey for Christmas gift in Latino America

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5 de December de 2016
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13 de January de 2017
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Latin America looks forward to Christmas celebrations. They start planning the purchase of Christmas gifts for family, friends and colleagues. However, the economic instability of these countries makes consumers more prudent with spending this holiday season. So the planning begins long before December, as revealed by the most recent study from eCMetrics.

Christmas consumer journey relevance

Consumers have changed the way they search and buy products. In this season, companies do well to understand the journey that leads the consumer to the decision to buy to direct their strategies and messages to the moments of maximum influence and thus get a greater chance of reaching consumers on the right place, at the right time and with the right message. Precisely the study is showing the buying decision journey of Latin Americans consumer for Christmas 2016.

Among the points to be found in the study are:

  • What influenced them the most to decide on the gift to buy?
  • Who leads the list to whom to give this year?
  • Was the same product the favorite in all Latin American countries?
  • How much was the budget for the purchase of gifts for this year?
  • Online or physical store, what do Latin Americans prefer?
  • What was the process of buying in the store and online?
  • Does the buying process vary between men and women?

Get the full study here :