Demographic analysis of Social Media in 2012

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27 de August de 2012
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14 de September de 2012
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Recently, a report made by Pingdom demographically analyzed some of the principal social media sites around the world. The sites included in the survey were:

FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestTumblr,RedditHacker NewsSlashdotGithubStack OverflowOrkutQuoraWordPress.comBloggerFlickrMyspaceTaggedHi5LiveJournalYelp,

deviantARTStumbleUpon, Goodreads e

The survey brought information about gender, age and comparatives about the results. Check them below:

  • Older users: LinkedIn has the oldest users, with the average age of 44,2 years old .
  • The average age in Facebook is 40.5 years old.
  • The average age in Twitter is 37.3 years old.
  • Comparative of ages between Facebook and Twitter:  Compared to a previous survey made by Pingdom 2.5 years ago, the age of the average Facebook user has gone up two years, while the age of the average Twitter user has gone down two years. In other words, Twitter’s user base is getting younger, while Facebook’s is getting older.
  • The survey has also show that in 17 of the 24 analyzed sites, 71% of the users are women, but in Facebook and Twitter, the results are balanced.