eCMetrics Research: what Brazilians and other Latin-Americans think about the World Cup

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3 de July de 2014
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At eCMetrics we have done a quick survey on the perception of Brazilians and other Latin-Americans regarding the World Cup after the match between Brazil and Chile. The survey was executed through our eCInstant tool, which allows to do quantitative online research with our online panel, eCGlobal, of highly selected respondents.

In all countries surveyed, 100% of our panelists declared to have watched the game.

Brazilians believe that the favourite countries to win the World Cup are, in this order, Brazil, Netherlands, Germany and Argentina.

As for the other Latin-Americans, there are two favourite countries: Brazil and Netherlands.

Regarding who of the “superstar” players are performing better, Brazilians think they are, in this order, Neymar (45%), James Rodriguez (51%) and Leonel Messi (14%).


This perception is different in the rest of Latin America. The main winner is James Rodriguez (52%). Neymar and Leonel Messi are practically tied: 25% and 23%, respectively.



Below you can see our research sample.





Latin America sample is composed by Latin-Americans (except Brazilians) who lives in the following countries: Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Dominic Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Spain, United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Portugal.