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Recently one of Brazil’s most prestigious technology media channels, ComputerWorld, published an article featuring the research titled “Production and diffusion in social media between Brazilians: A comparative study in Latin America”. This research was conducted by eCGlobal Solutions owner of one of the largest online opinion communities in Latin America, in partnership with the social media agency eCMetrics.

Also the BAND News FM interviewed Adriana Rocha, CEO and Co-founder of eCGlobal Solutions, about “The potential multiplier factor that exists in the Relationship between companies and consumers through the social networks”. During the interview, she shared her perspective on how companies have recognized the potential of the Internet in creating a network of continuous communication with the consumer, including the use of social networking on mobile phones. Here you will find some parts of the interview:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

We also share the original post from ComputerWorld:

Users want to interact in a co-creative way with brands on social networks

The research determined the reasons why consumers that are part of social networks follow brands and products on Twitter and become their fans on Facebook . 31% of the people behave this way in order to share their opinions with their friends and colleagues, as well as to be associated with something that seems important. For another 29%, the main motivator is to learn more about the company and gain knowledge about the products.

The survey also shows that 90% of consumers in these networks are involved or would like to get involved with the production, sharing, search or purchase of products and services in the social networks.

‘People participate in social networks to keep in touch with friends and colleagues, but they also understand that it is a suitable environment to establish relationships with brands,’ explains Adriana Rocha, cofounder and CEO of eCGlobal Solutions.

According to Adriana, the study which was conducted with 2,440 consumers’ internet users in Brazil and 1,870 in other Latin American countries also identified that social networks are a promising field for the companies working images and products. “Users want to interact in a Co-Creative way” she says.

Under this scenario, she advises companies to offer tools so that consumers may have an influence on the development of products, get personal answers to their doubts, share experiences and access entertaining content.

Adriana says that eCGlobal has a social network, the eCGlobalNet, that establishes a bridge between consumers and companies so as to enable the interaction and the joint creation of products. There are 500 thousand users in Latin America and hundreds of companies, she affirms.

According to the executive, the network uses the concept of gamification, marketing technique that applies into the digital media enterprise logical and entertaining features, which can also be found in videogames. According to the Research Institute Gartner, by 2014 gamification will be present in 70% of the applications from the 2,000 largest companies in the world. “This is an innovative concept with great power in business,” says Adriana.

For businesses, she explains that the greatest appeal of the co-creation model is to maintain a continuous dialogue with consumers, interacting in real time. ‘The United States is already more advanced in this field. In Brazil, this strategy is taking its first steps and should be extended next year’, she believes.”

Read the full article in Portuguese here.


Source: eCGlobalSolutions