About us

With over 10 years of local and global experience, we implement innovative methodologies and use new media to understand consumer behavior.

eCMetrics is the consulting arm of eCGroup. We integrate our analysis and consultancy expertise in consumer insights with Online, Mobile and Social Media solutions so brands and products can better understand and engage with their consumers.

Our team is multifunctional which allows our Engagers (digital communication specialist) to engage participants in consumer insights activities with interactive experiences and gamification tools designed by our Creatives and top-of-the-line solutions developed by our Technologists. All these data and information from participants collected during their experiences are analyzed by our team of Consultants to recommend our Clients the best use of the results.

Our History of Innovation


We started the construction of tools and methodologies for researching and monitoring in Social Media.


Mobile Solutions as a natural way to get feedback on the consumer's day.


MROCs ( Market research of online communities) integrating gamification.


Use of 3D technology platforms such as Second Life.


We turned the traditional online panel for market research that was passive into a real active community where members interact with different activities and can share content and experiences with other participants themselves.


Company foundation in the US and Brazil by pioneers in using interactive tools and online communities for customer relationship and consumer insights.

How do we act in the Marketplace

We have global reaching, something that is rooted in our corporate culture.

Our multicultural team includes analysts, expert researchers in consumer behavior, technologists and communicators with extensive knowledge in the Latin American and US Hispanic markets. We have presence in the main Latin American countries with offices in Brazil, Mexico and the United States. However, our team and methodologies can adapt to customers worldwide.

eCMetrics, in partnership with the technology and online panel from eCGlobal Solutions, (one of the largest in Latin America ) has the ability to offer our clients a customized service to meet their interests and needs.

We can plan and execute your projects from anywhere in the world!

Why choose eCMetrics?

Because we have more than 10 years implementing innovative solutions to understand and engage consumers in the Latin American and US Hispanic Markets.
Top notch consultancy to recommend the best usage of results.
We own one of the biggest consumer panels in the region (more than 1.3 Million users).
Proprietary Online and Social Media Technology for Consumer Engagement & Insights.

Team of consultants

eCMetrics has a unique team of consultants that integrate its experience using innovation for Consumer Insights, Online community management, mobile, social and web-based technology applied to market research, data processing and data integration.