Infographic: ECommerce Preferences And Habits in Brazil

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10 de August de 2016
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23 de August de 2016
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Brazil is the largest country in Latin America. Its eCommerce activity during the last months gives an idea on how this market will project during the second semester. As well as, what changes or adjustment should Online stores do to their strategy.

After a difficult start this year, the eCommerce in Brazil seems to be showing signs of recovery. We saw an evident activity during Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Father’s Day is celebrated in August, in Brazil, and online stores sure want it to be productive.

With the aim to know what motivates the Brazilian consumers to shop online, 1000 Internet users in Brazil were surveyed about their online shopping activity. They were asked about their online shopping habits and preferences while shopping online.

ECommerce in Brazil

The following infographic gives a better idea of the potential on this market for the next semester. And, emphasizes the need for online stores to know better their customers to capture the attention of the new Brazilian consumer.


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