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11 de December de 2014
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17 de December de 2014
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Hispanics are more likely to search the internet with a smartphone compared with the general market. They adopt online trends more quickly which lead them to learn about brands, compare prices, and make final decision online than the general market.

But not all Hispanic are the same, campaigns targeting Mexicans, which make up the largest segment of Hispanics in the U.S., should differ from campaigns aimed at South Americans or Spaniards. Cultural sensitivity and a deep understanding of cultural taboos and how they are shifting are crucial when talking to the Hispanic market as Forbes explain. And to this we have to add the different groups that have been develop within the same U.S. Hispanics:

The Hispanic that was born in the US and has few or some Hispanic cultural practices.

The Hispanic that immigrated as a child or a young adult and participate on many Hispanic practices.

The Hispanic that came as an adult or just got here and their cultural practices are dominant.

So when companies are marketing a campaign to the Hispanics they should consider what group they are marketing and not just a Spanish translation of the ad, keep the focus on the individual rather than the culture and you will find the effort well worth it.

Research is a crucial part of the campaign

‣Engaging content must be delivered accurately and consistently

‣Posting in Spanish should not be straight translation

‣Campaign not always in Spanish – who is the audience?

‣Use Social Media to support Hispanic Marketing

‣Partner with agencies or hire individuals who understand the Hispanic community.


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