Face reading innovation to obtain consumers insights

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2 de August de 2017
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face reading for consumer insights

Billions of dollars are invested in advertising campaigns every year in order to stimulate the consumer to purchase. But the effectiveness of various market research methods, such as surveys or focus groups, to predict the success of an advertisement or product may be limited.

This is because:
1) Depends on the willingness of the consumer to want to participate and their competitiveness to describe what they feel when interacting with a product or service.
2) What we feel is a spontaneous and unconscious reaction, but can be modified and altered when verbalizing it.

According to neuroscience studies, 75% of purchase decisions are based on emotions. It means that being able to determine the true emotional reaction of consumers becomes key. For this there are facial coding techniques or Face reading that allow to reveal the emotions and attention of the people.

What is Face reading?

It is a non-invasive method which analyze facial expressions to determine the person’s emotions when viewing a product, print ad, television ad, video, etc. Being able to assess the true reaction of individuals is extremely useful for companies and market researchers. They can take advantage of this analysis to learn how to make improvements, to interest consumers and to bring them back for more.
It can be applied to studies in various sectors such as beauty, clothing, retail, entertainment, financial services, online and offline services, etc.

How it works?

First, the company recruits respondents from a target audience. They then download a simple application to the computer and set up. Now the stimulus is prompted to the participant, and the software captures facial expressions through the computer’s webcam.

In the case of eCMetrics technology, the algorithm is capable of capturing more than 500 different points on the video and analyze the relationship between them to be interpreted with a predominant emotion. In addition, expert analysts interpret the results to make them more accurate.

Companies use face reading to improve advertising, concept testing, product design, website usability testing, etc.

• Optimize campaign content.
• Helps maximize ROI

Artificial Intelligence and the Future

Today, software equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms can overcome facial recognition and its analysis of emotions. For example, Disney has been testing this technology in some of its movies during 2015. It’s more than just knowing where they look, the software picks up the facial reaction for a few minutes after the movie starts. Artificial intelligence then analyzes the facial reaction to know whether the response is positive or negative. And so, after creating recognition patterns, predict how the person will feel about the rest of the film. In other words, whether the audience enjoys the movie or is thinking about getting out of the movie theater.

They are real-time insights to measure the success of a movie. And if it matches the scene that caused that reaction, you can determine the content that the audience demands. Imagine applying it for TV series, knowing what kind of content arouses emotion and which emotions. So the production team can change the content accordingly.