Facebook Adds “Call Now” Click-to-Call Feature to Newsfeed Ads

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27 de May de 2015
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29 de May de 2015
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Local advertisers now have a new tool for converting social network users to leads and sales, thanks to Facebook’s new ‘Call Now’ button for News Feed ads. Mobile users who tap the button call the business immediately.

“Call Now” is the second call-to-action button released as part of Facebook’s “Local Awareness” objective, designed to help local businesses build their online profile and better engage consumers. The first, “Get Directions,” launched in October 2014. It guides people directly to a business location after they click the button in an ad.

Of course, Google has also been heavy on the mobile-local charge and has offered click-to-call on mobile search ads since 2011. Their research in 2014 showed that 70% of all mobile searchers use click-to-call within organic and paid search results.

Last August, Google also launched website call conversions, enabling advertisers to identify and measure calls from their website that occurred after an ad click.

Both Facebook and Google want to make the consumer process of finding and connecting with a local business as seamless as possible. Consumers don’t want to take extra steps; 51% of mobile searchers are on the go while looking for information and there’s no point in sending them to a website first to find something you could offer right in the ad, whether on search or social.

Adding click-to-call functionality to your Facebook News Feed ads is simple – just choose a call-to-action, set the area you want to reach and choose your budget.