Facebook Live Videos For Social Media Marketing

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14 de June de 2016
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29 de June de 2016
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Video consumption continues to rise. And now with Facebook Live, marketers can connect with audience in a intimate, authentic cool way. It humanizes and personalizes the brand.

  • You don’t need to download anything extra to stream with Facebook Live on your profile; it’s part of the Facebook iOS app
  • You already have an audience on Facebook. When you go live, the video goes out in the notifications and in the news feed and gets great organic reach


Facebook live videos to produce for business


1. Build up your reputation

Show your expertise and your business to the world. Share information to the benefit of your audience. Resonates with the wants and needs of your target market. Use Facebook Live to disseminate said information starting with your followers on that platform. This will build your reputation as a thought leader in his field. Newsjack and stay on top of trends. Publish your thoughts about trending topics and breaking news related to your niche and ask viewers to comment on your live stream to increase engagement.


2. Repurpose content

Record a video discussing old content in depth with your followers live. Be creative, break down the content into subtopics that can hopefully spur on some discussions on Facebook Live to maximize results. Link between different content mediums so your audience can easily access additional information.


3. Feature your servicesfacebook live behind the scene

Do videos showing everything on how your products or services work, which in turn could convince your audience to become your customers in the future. Don’t be afraid  get some critical remarks during live streams. Respond respectfully to avoid escalating the issue.


4. Show what kind of brand you are

Use Facebook Live to bridge the gap between you and your audience. Show your audience a behind the scenes of your company.  Introduce members of your team. Show who is involved in the process. Live stream events like product launches, parties, and team building exercises.

Ideas for how you might use it in your business:

Behind the scenes
Walk-through projects
Teach a lesson
Make a big announcement
Show a rehearsal or practice session
Q and A’s
Product Demo
Breaking News


  • Call for action. Ask people to mention what they like from the video. Ask them to share their comments.
  • Engage. Mention the names of users who commented on the video to make them feel part of the live stream.
  • Connect. Be yourself, be genuine.