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Gamification applied in an online community contributes to provide a good experience, connecting, satisfying and gaining the loyalty of users.

Market research methods are innovating with a view to understanding the where, when and why of an increasingly demanding consumer. The consumer of today moves in various channels: online, in the store and in their mobiles. So to provide a good experience, connect with them, satisfy them and gain their loyalty becomes a challenge. One technique that is helping in this matter is gamification. In this article we will focus on how the gamification technique in a online community creates an opportunity for the retail sector to support its marketing strategy to create loyalty and consumer involvement.

Connects with the consumer through a positive and active experience.

The gamification technique creates a fun way of engagement by providing a positive experience for customers and encouraging to return to the establishment. Use your customer base and / or recruit new ones across the various social platforms to create an online community.


Once your online community is built, create activities that generate insights and apply the gamification system. Invite your users to share a selfie eating the product you are launching and to share what they think about it. Reward them with points for this activity which will bring them closer to a medal, status, recognition or access in the community. This would be the extrinsic motivation, that is the basic psychology of reward or punishment,
users will participate to obtain profits and rewards. If you have a gamification system in your store let your users know about the game they will find when they visit your store. Many will want to know what it is and will go to see it. Place it in a high-traffic place of your store. When someone is using the system, it will attract the curiosity of others.

In the store:

This is where printed material will give the boost that some need to know about your community and your gamification system. It may seem like a simple strategy but it works. Place the material indicating about your community and the points that will be earned just by registering. Strategically place prints that explain the rules and activities such as challenges, grades, points, prizes, gifts, trophies, etc. This will help your gamification technique to succeed. Make sure your local staff understands, contributes and motivates for the experience to be enjoyable. You could generate activities for your users while waiting on line.

Keep it new:

Your users will always be waiting for innovations. Change and adapt activities within the community constantly and thus keep them in expectation of something new when they visit the community or your store. Create activities related to what is happening around you, such as holidays, big events, sports, trends, etc. Remember that consumers are different from each other so it is important also to vary the incentives to cover various bases. You can mix rewards with unique and personal offers.

Benefits of gamification for brands

Turning a cold, impersonal community into an exciting and fun experience by using the gamification technique can change people’s opinions about your brand. Users will remember the positive experience and comment about it to others. So surely the benefits of applying gamification are:

  • It gives value to the brand
  • Engagement
  • Emotional connection with the brand
  • Loyalty to the brand

Use Gamification to learn client preferences in relation to their favorite combo or to learn side order they will like as options. Knowing your customers’ individual needs is the best way to keep them happy. By examining consumer data, companies can truly understand their customers wants and needs in order to create positive experince. Personalizing consumer interactions and experiences in meaningful ways thus clients will naturally be inclined to come back again and again.

The technique of gamification applied into an exclusive online community for your brand can teach you much of the consumers. To be successful, technology will be important, as well as a motivation system and provoking attitudes activities but above all to be fun. When the gamification technique has not been developed with the users on mind, it is boring and does not work.