With Gnip acquisition, Twitter will be able to offer sophisticated data sets to companies

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15 de April de 2014
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17 de April de 2014
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For the last 4 years, Gnip has been packaging and selling data from Twitter to other companies. Now that Twitter has acquired the company it will be able to sell their own data without intermediaries directly to advertisers and brand managers.

Users data from the social network has been proving to be extremely valuable. But analyzing such massive raw data is certainly a huge challenge. This acquisition will make it possible to offer “more sophisticated data sets” and “better data enrichments”, as Twitter announced.

Off course Twitter will provide its clients with better tools. However companies will still need to develop new and innovative analysis techniques if they are to make the best use of this rich data. And now there is a big opportunity for consultancy agencies to help them with that.

With informatiom from Engadget.