Google wireless service for Spring and T Mobile customers

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17 de April de 2015
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Google wants to prove that it has more to give the customer than just applications and providing advertising background. The idea is to innovate the mobile network industry with new technology. Therefore, Google will unveil its US. wireless phone service, allowing customers to pay only for the amount of data they actually use each month. This comes really handy because normally every month smartphone subscribers have unused data that they had already paid.

The service is available for US customers for now, considering it is best for trials. However, if Google sets up its service in the US it is more likely to come across the globe by the passage of time. Google has chosen Sprint and T-Mobile networks to initially run the service, and it will only work on the Nexus 6 phone, not on other phones using Google’s Android operating system. The devices will dynamically be able to switch between Sprint and T-Mobile networks depending on which carrier has the strongest signal.

When Sundar Pichai, Google senior vice president, first announced at a wireless conference in Barcelona in March, he said this service would only be a small experiment at first. Reports that Google will only charge for data use has been particularly compelling for business analysts. Many have compared the strategy to Google Fiber, the ultra-fast broadband Internet service that’s available in only some cities.

“While Google may not be targeting huge numbers of subscribers, their entry into this market is very important, because it has the potential to disrupt the wireless industry in much the same way Google Fiber prompted changes in the cable and broadband industries,” Rajeev Chand, head of research at Rutberg & Company, a mobile industry-focused investment bank, told the Journal.

There’s also word Google wireless service – – rumored to be called Project Fi – – will make it possible for customers to route their data through WiFi. The company’s I/O developer conference was previously pegged as the likely time of unveiling.


From: IBTimes