How can testimonial campaigns be effective?

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6 de April de 2015
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People are more likely to buy products that other people, people they know, have already bought and liked, so marketers have used endorsements and testimonials to promote their products. Celebrities in advertising offers brands a lot: they are the face of the brand values, ensure the right emotions, make the product more interesting and of course generate much attention. Many companies are firmly convinced of the success. This explains why the number of testimonial campaigns continues to increase. But how effective testimonial campaigns really are?

The crucial element is that the targeted audience should recognize the celebrity and trust her or his endorsement. The endorsement should be genuine, not only because of law but also because will help increase brand sympathy, it will be more memorable increasing purchase probability.

The Testimonial used must have in the target group a high reputation and a strong image. Only then can it increase the power of attention for a campaign and influence the audience in their attitudes (ex. brand popularity) and behavior (ex. purchase intention) is positive.

“Celebrity Brand Fit” is required to exploit the advertising potential effectiveness between the perceived personality of the celebrity and the (desired) brand image. Only then could help to strengthen the brand into a desired shape. In addition, the celebrity must also be a credible ambassador for the product to be advertised.