How Hispanic consumers shop online

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19 de December de 2014
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Hispanics are a valuable audience for retailers to attract and retain because the Hispanic market has a tremendous buying power. According to a survey from Androit Digital, the Latino community spends six hours a day connected to a technology device, compared to the general population. But when they have to shop online, the PCs are preferred over tablets or smartphones.

What motivates Hispanics to buy?
According with the results discounted prices are their favorite, followed by free shipping. Here is something to consider, if your target are female consumers, they opted for discounted price over free shipping.

Hispanic Online Shoppers:
81% prefer discounted prices
74% free shipping

So, if discounted prices are not possible, then free shipping could motivate them. But if not even free shipping is an option, be aware that they are not willing to pay more than six dollars. Have it clear, because a 64% will abandon the carts if higher than expected fees shows up or shipping cost are ridiculous, or not find a secure payment system.
What about loyalty points or gift?
Here you will have to consider your target, the study is showing they are not much influence to young consumers, but 45 and over consumers could be.

What about advertising?
Companies will have better opportunities if they show an ad for them after a purchase or after a visit to their site.

And the language?
Men are going to be more likely to make a purchase on a site with a choice of Spanish language.
All this point are good to have in mind when planning your holiday season campaign, and futures campaigns.