How to adapt emails to Mobile Marketing

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12 de December de 2014
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Email Is the Top Activity On Smartphones. It is so much so that a recent study suggests that more than half of all emails sent are open on smartphones consistently throughout the day, followed by PCs that are used principally in the morning and tablets are used largely in the evening hours.

Being so, it is surprising that the majority of emails are still not optimized for mobile viewing and interaction. Which jeopardizes the impact it can have on a brand perception, because those emails will be ignored and deleted.

What to changes? What to consider? Here are some recommendations

  • Your subscribers should recognize who the email is from or they are less likely to open the message.
  • A compelling and creative — or a direct and descriptive — subject line can be the difference between an open and a delete or ignore
  • Emails should be easily readable with one eye. For what the minimum font size is important. (16px it is for us a good suggestion).
  • Any links and calls-to-action should be able to be done with one thumb. Buttons cannot be small. Subscribers are forced to enlarge the screen and move things around to see the email. It’s just clunky.
  • Any text or visual cues large enough so that all of the above can be done comfortably at arm’s length
  • Ensure your call to action is big and obvious. Make it clear, big and simple to click.
  • Avoid clustering several links together in your copy. It makes individual links very difficult to access. These is especially important with the “unsubscribe” link. If it is placed dangerously close to the main call to action. One wrong move and your loyal subscriber has opted out.

Contribution from: Entrepreneur, Marketingland and Mailchimp.