How to Capture And Hold the Attention of Your Audience

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4 de May de 2016
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People’s attention spans are reducing, leaving marketers in need of a strategy to ensure their message remains memorable. Marketers count with merely 8.25 seconds to make a meaningful impression. Also humans beings are forgetful and easily distracted. Thus, your content needs to get right to the point.


Ways to hold attention


  • Pages with a clear value proposition are able to hold people’s attention for much longer.
  • Be clear in your messaging, focus in user experience and ease of navigation. Users wont hang around to try and find what they are looking for, so make it easy.
  • Keep your messaging short and sweet.
  • Appeal to consumers desires, tell stories.
  • Personalization makes the experience relevant and plays a role in their buying decisions. Ask them what they want.
  • Interactivity helps keep them on the site.
  • Use rich media like video- and make the first 8 seconds attention-grabbing.
  • Videos hold attention, Average length watched of a single internet video 2.7 minutes. 


To gain any traction at all, your marketing message needs to be tight, funny and over with before people’s attention span expires. How do you hold your audience’s attention? let us know in the comment section.