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2 de September de 2015
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2 de September de 2015
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Do you know how to bring in new customers through your websites? You may think that what makes a great website is an eye-popping design and colors and the most artistic images that make all of your visitors amazed with how digitally on point your website is. However all of this is only part of what makes a website great and it is not enough to turn these visitors into potential customers.


Having a pretty website is all well and good however it is useless if visitors cannot find what they are looking for causing them to leave. Therefore you need to ensure that your website is ‘customer-centric’ which means that your website is centered solely around your target audience. You would go about doing this by focusing entirely on solving your customer’s problems through the products and services that you offer.

You will need to SEO your website so that it attracts your target audience, or your ideal buyer, and supporting them through an amazing buyer’s journey through your website by bringing out specific products/services that would interest them and meet their needs. When designing your website you must ensure that it is not just centered around what you or your designer wants but what the customer needs.


You must really understand who your target audience is, what they want and what they like before you go ahead with creating a website or any marketing material in general. If you do not understand your target audience then your marketing strategies will initially fail as they will not catch your target audience’s eye.


Many businesses conduct market research before they start creating content for their website as it helps them understand what is important to their customers, what challenges they face and where they look for solutions. This is a great technique for businesses to use as they can create a section for ‘most asked questions’ with relevant solutions that will attract customers and make them feel as though the business understands their needs.

The content on your site is the first-approach that will dictate the design of the site therefore you needs to ensure that it is relevant – especially for SEO purposes. By doing this you will be able to turn your website into your best sales person.


As long as you are speaking your customer’s language you are on the right track to creating the best customer-centric website on the market! By being able to solve their problems you will swiftly become their first stop when searching for a solution for something. If your website is easy to navigate and the content is relevant to their needs then your customers will feel as though you have read their minds by answering all the questions they have been searching for answers for which will encourage them to buy something and create customer loyalty.

Although it is important that you do not miss out the visual appeal of your website as well as many people do not actually like to read a lot of information so keep it short and sweet with pictures that are relevant to what you offer and what they may be looking for.