How to obtain consumer insights in the digital marketing

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3 de February de 2015
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26 de March de 2015
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In traditional marketing , strategic decisions are systematically based on traditional sources of information ( market research, competitive benchmark , financial metrics , sales figures, focus groups, etc.), providing market information, not of individuals, and are and will continue being relevant . But how to get the individual customer insights?

Sources used to influence strategic decisions (IBM )

Information and communication technology (ICT ) has allowed abstract individual consumer information, and each company has thousands of them.

It is for the organizations to adopt specialized  teams in information and communication technology to extract and analyze strategic information from the individual consumer.

eCMetrics along with eCGlobal , offers one-stop -shop type solutions able to meet the Consumer Insights through social media and interactive touch points. We work in partnership with its marketing agency, market research firm or internal staff , and integrate our interactive solutions to its Consumer Insights and Marketing initiatives.

Consumer intelligence promises to be a key skill for businesses in the digital marketing.