How to Use Online Customers Reviews in Your Favor

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26 de March de 2015
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31 de March de 2015
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The democratization of information via the Internet has not only fundamentally shifted how consumers search for goods and services, but also how companies must market these goods and services. How can companies use customer reviews made about their products and services in the era where everyone is sharing experiences and opinions?


Understand the reviews work: Start by asking yourself, “Why would someone want to review this product or service?” With restaurant reviews, for example, individuals may want to be seen as tastemakers amongst their peers or simply vent about terrible service or an overcooked meal. In the case of other services, users sometimes need to be prompted by your business. Tap into a shared desire to help others who may be dealing with a similar problem.

Ask for the review as part of follow-up customer service:  After your customer has used your service, send a follow-up email inviting them to provide feedback about their experience. Rather than relying on open-ended feedback, invite them to take a short survey about their experience with questions that let them quickly rate the overall product/service experience, customer experience, etc. Folks are busy, to keep the survey as streamlined as possible. Ask them to check a box at the end of the survey giving your company permission to anonymously use their feedback on your website.

Incentive from the beginning. In case your type of service doesn’t motivate consumers to give reviews, incentivize from the beginning by offering to refund part of the service fee if they complete your online survey. For privacy, trust-based services, be sure your survey questions touch on these key differentiating factors, as well as ease-of-use.

Add reviews and shared endorsements to Ads. Don’t let your hard-earned reviews languish on your company website. You can now add these reviews to your next Ad campaign.