How to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website.

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8 de April de 2015
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People are naturally drawn to attractive, magazine-quality images. Also, information can be processed very quickly when it’s seen as an image or picture. Hence, Pinterest’s beautiful and shareable images can drive more traffic to your site.

Businesses that are holding off joining Pinterest are missing out on growing their business Users  are already buying mindset. They are pinning what they are looking to buy. Letting companies know what future inventories and product to develop. Consumers share branded Pinterest content 150% more often than non-branded content. 

Just take in consideration:

  • Use selective keywords on your username, profile and board description;
  • Board names are indexed by Google too so you want to keep the board names obvious and simple;
  • Think of how someone would search for what you have to offer;
  • Link directly to your site as the source of the pin.
  • High-quality images and the most popular sources are given preferential treatment on Pinterest’s feed. It also boosts pins from people you follow and will suggest related pins based on what’s pinned on your boards.
  • Optimize your pins for both mobile and desktops
  • “Pin It” buttons on your site encourage more pins of your content
  • With promoted pins, advertisers are charged a cost per click, but not for repins. So you have the potential to get a lot of additional traffic to your site beyond what you initially pay Pinterest to promote.

Pinterest free tools:

The Pinterest analytics will show what users are pinning from your website even if you’re not on Pinterest.

Product Rich Pins can show you price and availability for a product. These Rich Pins help you rank higher on Pinterest’s search engine and it makes your stand out on a user’s home feed and therefore giving you a higher click-through rate. More importantly Rich Pins also improve your results on Google!

And it gets even better – whenever the item goes on sale by at least 10% Pinners are notified via email. Pinterest is literally sending Pinners alerts that your product is on sale – how cool is that! No other social network is working on your behalf like this.