Hybrid methodology promotes better results

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Hybrid methodology promotes better results 

Translated from: https://ecmetrics.com/es/metogologia-hibrida-promuebe-mejores-resultados/

Traditionally, market research used to use quantitative and qualitative research separately. But with the advance of technology in research and the widespread acceptance of social media as a form of research, the hybrid methodology emerges. This method seeks to take advantage of the benefits of both methodologies. Overcoming in this way the limitations of traditional research. 

The objective is to obtain the most actionable insights based on the deepest and richest data available. Quantitative data obtained are explained and interpreted by  qualitative, giving a deeper and clearer understanding; generating a research report consistent with the integrated data and giving greater validity to the conclusions.  

Hybrid methodology applications in Research 

The first application is a quantitative research which is followed by a study that is qualitative in nature. This approach allows an exhaustive review of the numerical data provided by the quantitative methods and a deeper look at the perspectives, motivations and feelings revealed through qualitative techniques. The rational and logical structure of the quantitative data is enriched through the deep insights association with the emotional and subjective data obtained through qualitative methods.


The second application is when an investigation begins with a qualitative study and then is followed by a quantitative study to validate the insights obtained and then again apply the qualitative method. This deeper exploration allows to organize all the accumulated conclusions and provide confidence of the conclusions and recommendations 

In the third application, the study participants are asked to provide both qualitative and quantitative answers. They participate in a hybrid method of paired methods. It can be used with online focus groups. It is an easy and fast application. The quantitative part provides a measure of credibility and reliability that would be lacking in a purely qualitative research. 

The hybrid method helps qualitative research to be agile and effective. It has the ability to collect and correlate more specific answers more quickly. Understanding the thoughts of the target audience of a specific topic or product. Which means that specific projects can end faster and be more effective than before.