If mobile is business-critical, why businesses lack strategy?

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16 de April de 2014
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18 de April de 2014
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According to a research undertaken by Intrinsic, 92% of companies consider mobile devices and apps as a “fourth utility” alongsite electricity, gas and water.

The golden question is: If that it so, then why does 28% admit to lack a mobile strategy?

This post by ItProPortal states:

“The bottom line is that a mobile strategy is now business-critical for almost all mid-sized UK organisations. To remain competitive, these businesses need to implement a strategic programme that enables or increases the ability for employees to work flexibly, securely, more collaboratively and more productively through the use of technology,” stated Darron Antill, CEO of Intrinsic.

The fact is that recognizing a trend as critical is not enough. Companies need to shake things up and implement solid business and marketing strategies to be on top of it. Clearly, companies that do so get ahead of their competitors.

Mobile is not the future. It is the present. Don’t let your company stay stuck in past.