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4 de December de 2014
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9 de December de 2014
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The number of mobile devices is about 7 billion, which is the same as the number of people on the planet. Hence, you should make sure your social marketing campaigns are been effective.

Here are some ideas for improvement in your mobile campaign:

1. Advertisers, platforms, agencies, etc. should aim to build on what is already known from other channels. They should integrate their measurements (for example moving away from platform specific metrics to industry metrics), and identify short, medium, and long-term goals.
2. Advertisers and agencies should recognize that in most cases you get what you pay for. If you spend more on media you will tend to get more impact than if you spend less. This is just as true for mobile as other media, mobile is not magic!
3. Using a multi-channel approach is more likely to maximize the benefits of each channel, and increase the chance of an occasional extra boost from going viral.
4. Avoid making any big bets based on predictions that mobile will go in a particular direction. For example assuming that apps or mobile web will be best, or picking a specific mobile payment system, or favouring one form of location-based service over another. If your business is making fizzy drinks or selling mortgages, then your specialty is not predicting which way mobile technologies will go next.
5. Adopting a non-siloed approach to recognizing value. A social/mobile campaign might increase sales in-store, it might reduce returns (by making sure people can use the product properly), or it might reduce churn (by allowing people to complain earlier and benefit from having their complaints dealt with). The benefits from mobile do not have to come directly from a click. Measurement systems need to be non-siloed and looking for system-wide effects.

Creativity, using channels in their optimal way, and creating engagement are all routes of stretching a budget a bit further. And, sometimes, the extra effort will be rewarded with a better than predicted response.


From: NewMR