Infographic: What Type of Sharer are you?

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3 de August de 2015
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Researchers at the University of Winchester performed a study, commissioned by First Direct Bank, observing the different personality types of those of us on social media. As shared on Buffer, the research consisted of 30-day, non-stop monitoring of participants’s social media use, coupled with a nationwide survey of social media habits. The observational takeaways from these experiences were that social media sharers consist of 12 different personality types:

  1. Ultras – Check feeds dozens of times per day
  2. Deniers – Maintain that social media doesn’t control their lives, then get anxious when they’re unable to log on to social media
  3. Dippers – Infrequent use, can go days or weeks without posting
  4. Virgins – First-time users
  5. Lurkers – Watch what others are saying, rarely participate
  6. Peacocks – Seek a high number of followers, fans, likes, and retweets
  7. Ranters – Highly opinionated
  8. Ghosts – Anonymous profiles
  9. Changelings – Completely different personality online compared to offline so no one knows their real identity
  10. Quizzers – Ask a lot of questions
  11. Informers – Seek to be the first to share the latest news
  12. Approval-seekers – Constantly check feeds and updates after posting, anxious for responses

Here’s a super fun infographic that shows the breakdown of all the types: