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How is AI reshaping the market research industry?
2 de June de 2017
Market Research innovated by technology
12 de June de 2017
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Market research lead companies to a better decision. It helps them to improve and innovate in new alternatives and aspects of products and services. Millions of dollars were invested in this industry on the past years. According to the ESOMAR 2016 report, US $ 1,731 million were allocated for this process just in the Latin America sector.


Innovation for Market research

It was clear during the ESOMAR Latin America 2017 event that methodologies that rely on technology had become increasingly important. Social media has emerged as an important factor in purchasing decisions. Buyers are relying on social networks to collect recent product and service information. The need for companies to analyze and interpret available data (Big data) grows, turning data into actionable insights.

In Latin America, the new research methodologies applied in Peru, the increase in global interaction in Argentina and the growth of online research in Brazil, report a positive expectation of growth for the current year. Among the various innovative methods of market research discussed during the event, it was the use of online communities. It showed that participants feel more comfortable sharing information and create a true engagement between users and brands. A technology that can be applied to this communities is the artificial intelligence for market research. 

What other innovations are there in market research? How do online communities contribute to the understanding of consumer needs? What role does artificial intelligence and machine learning play in online communities? What the Esomar conferences highlighted? These are some of the questions to consider in eCTalk, a monthly program of current topics in market research. Iván Casas, CEO of eCMetrics interviews Adriana Rocha, member of the ESOMAR Latin America committee and CEO of eCGlobal.



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