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Instagram is always creating new versions, tools, and even apps to assist you in optimizing your posts. A few days ago Instagram introduced the “Stories” function to us. With Instagram Stories you can manage two things in one app. The picture sharing and story sharing function.


How Instagram Stories work

With this feature you can share videos and pictures as a story line in Instagram to all your followers. In other words, you will be sending a direct content to the people who follow your account and for 24 hours it will be shown. ( Same idea as in Snapchat).

To your followers , your story will be shown as a small icon fixed on top of their starting page. If they click on it, they will see your stories. This means that the first thing, at the very top, your account followers will see are the stories you share. After one day, the stories are deleted.

The Stories feature provides small businesses with a new quick and easy way of posting original content to an audience that’s already active and established. You just got another way to engage users on Instagram. You can share stories, with more depth, personality and insight about yourself/your products/business/brand and you can still post beautiful, interesting pictures on your Instagram gallery.


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Some ways businesses can use Instagram Stories

For businesses, the advantage with this feature is the ability of sharing a more personal and a closer insight and bound with followers.

The best way to get more engagement through Instagram Stories is to create short, but interesting, funny or personal content. A “behind the scene” picture, a video about who or where you are, what your product/company can do, etc.


More ideas:

instagram stories 2

Show an “insight” into your company. A short video showing your work place. Let them get to know the team in your office. If you are planing a campaign, it will be a good relationship builder as well as build buzz for campaigns.

If you have a webinar or an event to promote, create a short video or image to drive last minute sign ups.

Show your brand from a different perspective and bring your followers closer to the production process.

A video of the “just arrived” merchandise to your store or give them a sneak peeks of what’s to come.

Add extra effects in your Stories. Use emojis, text or drawings to make your stories more personal. It will show that there are people, not robots, running your Instagram account. That can help you build stronger relationships with your audience and attract more customers to your business.
Instagram Stories paired with great content can open doors for businesses to connect and build more trust with their audience, enhance contests and campaigns and drive more engagement.

How do you plan on using Instagram Stories to help your business? leave us a comment