Is your daily social media usage higher than average?

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8 de June de 2015
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Social media swallows more than a quarter of time spent online and a third of all internet usage is now happening via mobile, a new global report has found.

However, Britons are slightly less digitally obsessed, spending 1 hour and 20 minutes each day managing an average of four social networks, according to the latest quarterly report from GWI.

Despite being the only major social network to see a decline in active users over the last year, Facebook remains the largest online community, as 82% of the world’s population, excluding China, have a Facebook account and four in 10 people use the platform regularly.

However, YouTube is the most popular social network, with a visitation rate eight percentage points higher than Facebook. The video site does not require users to log in to an account to browse its content, which allows it to “leapfrog Facebook to take first place”, with 81% of all internet users saying they have visited the website in the last month, compared to 73% who visit Facebook.

The GWI report stressed “the rising importance of the mobile internet”, noting that people now spend 2 hours a day browsing the web online, up from around 1 hour and 15 minutes in 2012.