Latin Americans do not buy blindly

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29 de January de 2015
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25 de March de 2015
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eCMetrics together with eCGlobal conducted a study to understand the Latin American consumer buying behavior before, during and after Christmas.

Check out the results of our latest survey with our online panel, eCGlobal, on the purchasing behavior of Latin American Internet consumers  before, during and after Christmas. Just to mention some of them:

* 54% of Brazilian Internet users have already bought items during Black Friday events and for those who haven’t done so, is because they haven’t found the discounts attractive or the products offered were not of interest;

* 9 out of 10 buyers of Black Friday made ​​their purchase online and almost all of them researched on the Internet before making a purchase;

* 51 % carried out purchases on Christmas exclusively in physical stores, while 42 % combined these purchases in physical store with online shopping;

* 82% have researched in internet before buying the Christmas gifts;

* The products most purchased during Christmas in Latin America were clothing and computer products / electronics;

For more information download the full executive summary of the survey here.