Why to do Market research before and after your Mother’s Day strategy

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28 de April de 2017
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Mother’s Day represents an opportunity for companies to increase their sales. Earlier years consumers have invested in gifts for this day and this year will be no different. In some Latin American countries, Chile, for example, is the second most important commercial date after Christmas. Since companies are looking to get the most out by implementing various marketing strategies, market research will always be their best choice to achieve it. It helps you get a better picture of where, when and how much to invest in strategy. And, after the campaign, it helps you to measure its effectiveness and return.

Market research gives you actionable data

Speaking specifically about Mother’s Day, Who decides what to buy? How much do they plan to spend? What influences the purchase decision? How many mothers are on the gift list? Where will they buy the gifts? These are some of the data that will help you understand your consumer and decide how to run your campaign. For example, in 2015, a study on Mother’s day among Brazilians showed that although 43% of mothers wanted perfumes and cosmetics, only 37% would actually receive it. That could be due to the fact that 63% of whom will buy the gift did not want to ask what she wanted to receive, but to surprise her.

The data collected from the previous questions would help you decide your target for the campaign, which products or services to offer to accommodate their needs, what offers would encourage them to buy your products, and more. You can even gain insights into how effective it would be to innovate and promote gifts to friends, co-workers or other family members who are moms. For example, in Argentina 69% of Internet users planned to buy gifts for grandmothers, mothers-in-law and sisters, according to a previous study. Knowing their purchase plans also help you to know in what to invest, as has been the case in Peru. According to market research, women’s clothing items as well as home appliances have been the most imported items for Mother’s Day campaign. The more you segmented your group to research, the better understanding you will get of your target expectations and desires.

After Mother’s Day campaign

Now that the camping is over, use Market research to assess the effectiveness of the campaign and how to improve. Perform a study of satisfaction with the mothers who received gifts. What products or services did they receive? From what brands? Which one did they like the most? If they remember your campaign? Where did they see it? Etc.

A well designed survey will help you define your next step. Maybe you will see the need of focus on improving your products or services, or if what you need is more brand awareness and in what channels you should do it. It could teach you about your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.

The reality is that any company that will offer products or services in campaign for Mother’s Day would benefit from a well-executed market research. It would help you to create opportunities, boost sales and avoid surprises. You will gain a better understanding of where your target audience is, their preferences for communication and the messages that best move them to action.