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Businesses are adopting the concept of marketing 3.0 , in which the focus is the customer and society. How companies can adapt to this new perspective?

Marketing 1.0 brought mass production of products at a cheaper price to be marketed. In marketing 2.0. computing and Internet appears in its early stages, consumers reach businesses and their behavior begins to change. Now, computers and the Internet has grown to a new level. One called the new wave technology. This has stimulated the birth of Marketing 3.0. So the way companies communicate with consumers must also change radically. Therefore, it is very important a change in the positioning and strategies used by marketing teams. They should apply the concept of marketing 3.0.

Within this perspective, individuals are no longer satisfied only with products. They want to see philosophies and responsibilities. There is a search for companies that have a greater identification and concern for personal consumer issues. The ones with the ability identify the concerns and needs.

To better understand the marketing 3.0. Lets see the three major forces driving these changes.


1 – Marketing 3.0 is collaborative

With the advancement of technology, social networking and collaboration platforms emerged. These allowed individuals and groups to connect and interact with each other. Now, social media users can create and spread news. Social media proved to be even more significant when consumers began to influence other consumers with their own experience and opinions.

In a world of collaboration, the secret is to really understand what the consumer expects. What are their attitudes that can foster collaborate with the brand. For this, some companies have used online communities. It allows consumers and businesses connect and cooperate with each other, plus the acquisition of insights.

In addition to simply listen to opinions and make decisions that create the right, some companies also launched co-creation programs. Products and services can be modified according to the requirements and needs of customers.


Marketing 3.0 digital


2 – Marketing 3.0 is cultural

In a world dominated by large global companies understanding the profile of local consumers can be a key strategy. Despite globalization, consumers are increasingly divided into groups and niches. Local culture or a specific group can dictate how companies use marketing tools. Audience segmentation and identify specific cultural patterns is one of the main determinants factors for organizations in the new world of advertising.

Some companies have partner with digital influencers in order to promote their products and associate it with a particular culture niche. They can position the brand within that group because they have a certain authority within it.


customers care


3 – Marketing 3.0 is spiritual

People today are looking increasingly positive experiences and values ​​in all possible aspects. The current lifestyle, full of anguish and guilt, makes people search positive meanings between companies and the products they consume. In this perspective, this effect is even more important that the usefulness of the product itself. Therefore, companies should try to improve themselves beyond the normal physical effects of the product. There has to be a lifestyle, a philosophy. So when the product is consumed, consumers feel they are part of something bigger.

Many companies support social causes or make products that do not harm the environment. That shows care about issues that are not just financial. That is, it has a real interest in building a better world.


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