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9 de December de 2014
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12 de December de 2014
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Hispanics represent an increasing percentage of the American consumer base. They represent an ideal audience for mobile engagement and mobile advertising. An understanding of how they communicate and consume media is paramount required to succeed with this important group. As a result on a study by Ipsos that was commissioned by Facebook, the main feedback and recommendations to marketers are:

1. First, the marketing opportunity is significant: There are currently 55 million U.S. Hispanics, accounting for 17 percent of the total U.S. population, with $1.2 trillion in purchasing power.
2. To effectively reach U.S. Hispanics, marketers’ strategies must be culturally relevant plus reflect how a mobile-savvy audience connects with friends, family and brands.
3. Celebrate culture: U.S. Hispanics use technology to express and connect with what is most important to their lives. Marketers should use imagery that highlights the connectedness of the U.S. Hispanic community through language and content.
4. Make mobile a priority: Mobile is a constant companion. U.S. Hispanics spend more time online on mobile and do so while watching TV than the total population. Marketers should tailor content with mobile in mind and work to build the brands’ story across screens.
5. Be at the center of discovery: For U.S. Hispanics, digital is also a place where brands can make an impact. Digital ads capture Hispanics’ attention, especially video and News Feed ads on Facebook. Marketers should bring their brand to life with video to engage this brand-receptive audience.


From: AllFacebook