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Micro influencers offer authenticity to their committed followers

Micro influencers produce quality content in a genuine way

The year started and both, brands and marketers review what strategies to maintain or incorporate this year to gain visibility and audience by promoting their products and services. Among these options are the micro influencers. They were very helpful during 2016 campaigns and apparently will continue to be so this year.

Who are the micro influencers

Micro influencers are regular folks who not necessarily have millions of followers in the different platforms. But, their voice is heard and attended by a significant large audience. Their content is perceived by their followers as authentic and easy to relate. To the point that followers see them as inspiration for daily living.

Their genuineness makes their reach grow within a specific demographic group. Group that could get affected in the purchase decision or the perception of the brand. Therefore, when brands work with micro influencers, their message reaches not only a large audience but an audience that will relate and generate results.

More than 50% of customers in Latin America read reviews and comments before deciding on a purchase.

More than 50% of customers in Latin America read reviews and comments

During the holiday season, the study of the purchase process in Latin America showed that before buying, consumers read the comments and recommendations of other users. They do not look at the product advertising to decide on the purchase, rather the purchase decision is being made after reading comments and suggestions in a blog or on social networks.

Choosing a micro influencer

Consumers today want a more authentic connection to brands, and you can give them that experience by collaborating with micro influencers. Choosing the right micro influencer can help you achieve meaningful results and connect with genuine brand enthusiasts. That is why it is important to choose the micro influencer that goes according to the objective of each campaign. There are three important characteristics to measure when choosing which influencer to work with.

Reach: Make sure it’s the audience you want to reach.

Relevance: be aware that the content they publish naturally is the one you want to sponsor, according to your brand.

Resonance: how much or their content attracts, which is measured by the number of likes and shares.

Of course, you will need more than one micro-influencer to spread the message of your campaign. Carefully select a team of micro influencers that reach your demographic target and you could get more brand awareness than a celebrity post and for a fraction of the cost.