Micro moments, moments for brands to highlight 

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11 de January de 2019
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Micro moments, moments for brands to highlight 

Translated from: http://ecmetrics.com/es/micro-momentos/ 


Mobile has changed forever what consumers expect from brands. While people are engaged in the search in front of the computer, mobile devices are added. Searches on Google, on mobile devices, are on the rise. This means that marketers and content creators must readjust their strategies for mobile devices. 

Consumers are making decisions based on the mobile content that is within their reach to meet their needs immediately and on the fly. 


Micro moments  

Google defines this reflex act of searching the mobile phone for information to make an immediate decision, such as “micromomentos”. That moment of search based on a great intention in which decisions are made and preferences are defined. 

The information sought is established for 4 needs: I want to know, I want to go, I want to do, I want to buy. These are the small moments for brands to stand out and gain a position. 

Thanks to mobiles, micro-moments can happen anytime and anywhere. In those moments consumers expect brands to give immediate answers to address their needs with relevant content in real time. 


What brands should do 

Marketers have the task of helping brands identify the client’s intention. They should use the search data and deal with these micro moments with useful content that is optimized for mobile. 

It is during these micro moments that consumers are more receptive to marketing messages because they have a desire or need. They are trying to cope with that need at the moment. Marketers must take this into account when designing and optimizing contents. They must create content that captures those searches of “I want to know” or “I want to be inspired”. A unique opportunity for brands to shape the decisions and preferences of their consumers. 

Understanding what consumers are looking for and preferences, offers marketers a vision of the topics and types of content they are looking for. Based on this, they should try to capture the user’s intention and be accessible anywhere – through multiple device types, multiple platforms and multiple channels. 

It transmits experience, realities. Think of content that surrounds the user and that adds to their routine, the micro moments of the. If you sell products, you have video of them and how they work and can be used. Use the commemorative dates in your favor, make a post with ideas of how or what to give that day to someone special. If it has to do with your segment, it tells about the experience of traveling to a certain place, giving ideas of what to do there. 

Brands must be prepared to understand what their potential customers are doing online, and what will motivate them to become during the micro moments.