Mobile Habits Transform Dining

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Mobile devices impact the dining journey

Restaurants in order to stay relevant have implementing technology and giving more control, choice and convenience to customers, transforming the dinner experience. Consumers use their digital devices to help make dining decisions easier, including searching for nearby locations and deals, so restaurants do good in considering what are their consumers mobile habits regarding dinning out. And, with the right mobile marketing more diners will come and return for more.

Mobile habits before dinner

Consumers rely on their mobile devices for a variety of restaurant-related research prior to dining out. According with a recent study, 32 percent of consumers have used a deal they found online or on their mobile device at a restaurant in the past three months. Interestingly, high earners use online or mobile restaurant deals the most. Furthermore, deals drive consumers to explore restaurants that they may not have known otherwise; in fact, 80% are likely to try a new restaurant if it is offering a promotion.

Use location-based apps to supply relevant info and offer irresistible deals to your customer, when he or she is in your area of operation. Create deals online or on your mobile app that adds value to your customers’ day and to their experience with your restaurant.

Mobile use during dinnermobile habits in dining

While dining, consumers like to take photo, checking in on social media, searching for online deals, browsing reviews, looking up nutritional information and paying for a meal via mobile. An appreciated help is to avoid the waiting time on seating, ordering and paying. Apps like Allset and Cover  make ordering and paying for food simple fast and secure.

Mobile use after dinner

Consumers use social networking to share their experiences and look for loyalty clubs. Use insights from your consumers to turn it into actions that help you get your goal.


Use cured data to make recommendations specific to your consumers’ needs making their experience more personal. Send personalized content and deals based on their preferences when they are near a specific location. It could be convenient to partner with companies that already have a large mobile reach, you will get more potential consumers and more shared data that could be use later for a more strategic promotion.

Whatever industry you work in – hospitality, construction, healthcare or financial – a mobile app could improve your customer’s experience. Just evaluate your customer’s journey and see where you can improve their experience